Review from Fred – England

A letter from England,

What makes Massimo’s the best Italian restaurant in Bali?

Where to start? Is it the huge array of mouth watering ice cream on sale right beside the street as you walk in past the hot brick kiln pizza oven? Is it the friendly welcoming greeting of the Balinese waitresses? Is it the huge menu starting with Antipasti, going through Pasta, Main Courses of Fish or Meat, the huge Pizza selection and then on to the desserts and, of course, the Gelato? Is it the superb quality of the food all freshly made and cooked “Presto” and the Pasta “Al Dente” to perfection? Is it the Italian Family Restaurant atmosphere and lively service?

Well yes, it’s all of these things – and – it’s Massimo himself!

Your host is the genial Massimo Sacco, an experienced international chef with decades of experience delighting his customers and meeting their expectations with fine Italian food and service. Coming from the Lecce in the South of Italy, Massimo has introduced several items on the menu which are specialities from his region – they are specially marked on the menu and not to be missed!

Dinner at Massimo’s is always special and many holidaymakers make several visits there during their stay in Bali as the food and atmosphere just can’t be beaten. Well, there’s only one way for you to find out what Massimo’s is really like – go down there one evening and give it a try – but take care to tell your hotel to phone up and book a table for you – otherwise you’ll be sitting at the bar having a cocktail waiting for a little while!

Buon appetito!

Fred – England